Lewis Hamilton has hinted at Mercedes being at fault for his current position in the season, saying that they haven’t been as proactive.

Mercedes find themselves in unfamiliar territory at this point in the season. While they have been ruthless and clinical in previous years, they have been second-best this time.

Red Bull have been taking the fight to their German rivals this season, and have been matching or beating them in every department for the championships. Although the Silver Arrows still lead the Constructors’ Championship, Hamilton is second in the Drivers’ Championship standings.

Hamilton hinted at Mercedes being at fault for his current position in the season, saying they sat back while others worked to rebuild.

“I’m not downhearted. Winning is what I want, of course! It’s what I always want,” Hamilton said, as quoted by the Judge 13.

Mercedes have had this sight many times this season. Source: thejudge13.com


“Last time they were slightly faster than us here (Mexico). This is a Red Bull track. We’ve also had success here in the past, but only because Max (Verstappen) made a mistake and got a penalty, but they were much faster than us.

“We haven’t had any new parts on the car since Silverstone, but the others have kept coming up with new things,

“I think Red Bull Racing has the advantage here, but it’s up to us to make the most of our opportunities. I hope that’s enough to put pressure on our opponent,” he concluded.

Underdog status

With F1 racing in Mexico next, Red Bull will be rubbing their hands in glee. Mercedes have struggled in Mexico for many years, and their rivals will be looking to capitalise on that weakness.

Max Verstappen holds a 12-point lead over Hamilton, and he will look to increase it. There will then be four races left, and if Hamilton doesn’t take those chances, he will have to wait for title number eight.

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