Hamilton hits back at critics and takes special pop at Red Bull for calling him a cheat

Lewis Hamilton blasted his critics for calling him a cheat, and scoffed at the outlandish claims being made against him.

Hamilton dropped all jaws when he completed a stunning last-to-first victory at the Brazilian GP. It was truly a phenomenal feat, but it was earmarked as unfair means by some, including Red Bull Racing.

The team even against what Hamilton’s team was doing, and actually managed to succeed on one occasion. However, it wasn’t enough, because despite getting a back-of-the-grid start on Saturday, Sunday saw him finish over ten seconds ahead of his championship rival.

The cheating accusations are still doing the rounds, and they reached the seven-time champion’s ears. In response, Hamilton blasted critics for calling him a cheat, and insisted that there was no foul play involved,

“We all have egos and that’s what controls our emotions, and it is egos fighting each other,” he said, as quoted by the Times

“There is defence, there is respect, but I did see someone say something about cheating, and that’s the worst claim to ever make.”

Lewis Hamilton says it is the 'worst claim to ever make' to accuse Mercedes of cheating in F1
Hamilton (pictured) insists he did everything by the book. Source: Getty images

Did the investigation

The 36-year-old said that the allegations didn’t sit well with him, and he asked his team’s officials regarding it.

“I called James Allison and Mike Elliott and said, ‘I really want to know about these things,’ and they took me through details of where we are.

“We have done all these tests and this is where it is, but I don’t like it when people put that (accusations) out there.”

The FIA ruled that everything Hamilton was racing with was legal and in compliance with the rules. If they are and he is that fast, his rival will have a long end to the season.

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