Hamilton champions fight for racial equality – “It’s like my new drive”

Lewis Hamilton has championed the fight for racial equality, saying that it is giving him renewed purpose in racing.

Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers to drive an F1 car. The seven-time world champion holds a ton of records to his name, and has won everything there is to win in the sport.

Off the track, he is an advocate for various issues, and uses his following and reach to spread awareness. Hamilton championed the fight for racial equality, and credited it for giving him a renewed sense of purpose.

“This year I’ve not been drawing on past experiences, I’ve been drawing on feeding off this energy of doing this positive work,” he told Sky Sports, as quoted by the Guardian.

“I noticed that last year and it was a part of that last year. Getting on the podium so I can give Breonna (Taylor) that voice, it was a super drive for me.

Lewis Hamilton draws attention to the killing of Breonna Taylor after winning the Tuscan Grand Prix in 2020
Hamilton (pictured) has always been addressing social issues. Source: Reuters

“So now it’s the work that I’m doing in the background and then I’m turning up and I’m enjoying this job. Is it helping me race? I think so.

“It’s like my new drive and I feel like it’s giving me more longevity because it’s a lot of work we have to do. I feel like it also gives my life real purpose. Racing is not a purpose, it’s something you do.”

Multi-dimensional change

Hamilton also stressed on the importance of having multiple aspects of making a difference and living life, and said that he is loving his new outlook towards it.

“Now I feel like I have a mission in life and it’s not about just winning championships and races,” he continued.

“That’s all cool, but actually being able to make an impact to help youngsters coming through. Mentally, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and that’s been a real big part of it. I’ve been strong mentally for a long time anyway, but I think that’s solidified me even more.

“I don’t get distracted by any of the stuff that’s happening here, I arrive and I do what I love doing. That’s been a positive,” he concluded.

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