Hamilton delivers scathing comments on Verstappen – “Rules do not apply to him”

Lewis Hamilton delivered some scathing comments on Max Verstappen after the absolute shambles of a Saudi Arabian GP.

The Saudi Arabian GP was the craziest race in a very long time. It was wild and chaotic from start, and was riddled with controversy. Verstappen was at the centre of it, as he committed multiple driving actions that were frowned upon.

The Dutchman was the aggressor during many instances, including one notorious sequence that saw him brake in the middle of the track. With Hamilton right behind him, it came as no surprise that the Mercedes driver hit the rear end of the Red Bull.

The series of events was farcical and was the subject of intense discussion and debate with regard to the championship. Hamilton delivered some scathing comments on Verstappen, and expressed his disgust with how he was driving.

“He was trying to let me past, which l guess is what he had been asked to do,” he said, as quoted by grandprix.com.

“But before the DRS zone so that he would then DRS back past me into Turn 1. So that was the tactic. But the worst part was the steep, heavy braking which happened. That was the dangerous part.”

max verstappen versus lewis hamilton saudi arabian grand prix jeddah collision penalty collide crash
Verstappen and Hamilton were at it again in Saudi Arabia. Source: Getty Images

What the hell

“For me, I had to keep my cool out there which was difficult to do,” he continued.  

“I’ve been racing for 28 years and come across a lot of different characters. There are a few of them that are over the limit, rules do not apply or they don’t think of the rules.

“He is over the limit for sure. I’ve avoided collisions on so many occasions with this guy and I don’t mind doing that as you live to survive another day.

“I didn’t get the information (Verstappen was letting him through), so it was very confusing and was he trying to play some crazy tactic? Then he hit the brakes so hard and I nearly went up the back of him.

“For him, it does not matter if we both don’t finish but for me, we both need to finish. I’m personally chilled. I feel like I’m in the boxing ring and I’m ready to go,” he concluded.

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