Lewis Hamilton has taken a dig at Max Verstappen, saying they would crash more often if he didn’t hold back.

Hamilton’s rivalry with Verstappen has seen its share of tense moments, two times to be precise. They crashed at the British GP and the Italian GP, and both times saw massive blame games erupt between the two teams, especially after Hamilton won the former race.

The first occasion saw Hamilton receive a penalty, while Verstappen was deemed guilty after their crash in Italy.

Hamilton took a dig at Verstappen, saying they would crash more often if he didn’t hold back. He stressed on the need to avoid crashes in the upcoming races.

“I am aware of that at times. I have also had times when I was too aggressive (and) I should have held back more,” Hamilton said, as quoted by Racingnews365.com.

Hamilton (in front) and Verstappen (behind) have gotten too close for comfort a few times already. Source: racingnews365.com

“Now I am much more mature and yes, I do hold back in certain situations when driving against Max. Otherwise, we would crash much more often.

“I try to outsmart him in another way. If I survive that corner, I might be able to beat him through strategy. That’s experience and hopefully it will pay off at the end of the season.”

All for hard racing

Hamilton stressed that he has no problem with racing hard and racing fast, but maintained that he would like clean and fair racing.

“Max never gives up, but neither do I,” Hamilton said

“I’ve raced against a lot of drivers. I’ve raced against many drivers with that attitude. Some are smarter than others. The season is a marathon, not a sprint.

“But it’s nice for the public that new characters are emerging. Incidents sometimes belong in this sport and I think we (can) both easily turn the switch again. As long as we stay healthy,” he concluded.

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