Hamilton explains key element in relationship with Cullen – “Don’t think I could do it without her”

Lewis Hamilton has explained his relationship with physiotherapist Angela Cullen, saying she is a mainstay of his life.

Cullen joined Hamilton in 2016 as his physiotherapist and support for every race. She has had a big impact on his life and his career, and helps him recover from any and all setbacks.

This past September, the seven-time champion suffered a terrible crash at the Italian GP, and it was the physiotherapist who nursed him back to health.

Hamilton explained his relationship with Cullen, and said that he can’t envision life without her.

“So Angela and I are naturally incredibly close, Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net.

“We pretty much live together and we’re close as friends also. I am very, very lucky to have found Angela because she’s a very special human being.

Lewis Hamilton Personal Trainer & Performance Coach: Who is the Woman  Behind Lewis Hamilton's F1 Success? - The SportsRush
Hamilton (right) and Cullen (left) are inseparable. Source: thesportsrush.com

“So basically when I got to Formula 1 I didn’t have a trainer up until I was in F1 and I was given a trainer. At the time, they’re all called physios. I don’t know how much….I mean a couple of the trainers I had were physios, but they were called the physio for the race weekend.

“It wasn’t until I get back and see Angela, so I was like, ‘why don’t you come on the road with me because I am not training on the race weekends.’

“I actually need a physio that needs my body and what it needs to be as best prepared possibly for a race weekend, and when I am away I can train with whoever.”

Key element

Hamilton also highlighted how Cullen’s involvement in his life is something he can’t imagine living without.

“Ange is generally with me until 10-11pm every day, and with me from 6-7am every morning. It’s a very, very important role. A very important relationship,” he continued.  

“I don’t think that this year has brought us any closer than any other year because we’re incredibly close as it is, but we love our job. We love doing what we do, we love doing it together.

“I am incredibly grateful to be able to have her on the road with me. I don’t think I could do it without her,” he concluded.

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