Hamilton discusses his main goal before retiring

Lewis Hamilton has given his goal to achieve before his retirement from F1, saying that he wants to be remembered as a humanitarian as well.

Hamilton has been a champion for human rights, diversity and other social necessities. He has tirelessly worked to make sure minorities are represented and that the world is a better place because of it.

The seven-time world champion is thus a winner on and off the track. However, he insisted that he doesn’t want to be remembered just for his legendary racing career. He stated that his time on the Earth should be recalled for how he helped make a difference.

Hamilton gave his goal to achieve before his retirement from F1, saying that he would like to be remembered as a driver and as a great human being.

“I’ve never wanted to be remembered as a racing driver. I don’t want to be remembered just for that,” he told the BBC

Hamilton outlines ambitious goal: 'I don't want to be remembered just for that'
Hamilton (pictured) is an advocate for various social needs. Source: gpblog.com

“It’s all good if people remember me being a good driver, but I think my time here is really about impacting and helping people.”

Unity in diversity

Hamilton also stated that this was the reason he started the Hamilton Commission. He explained that he wants to get more children of colour enthusiastic about automobiles and racing.

“I put together this commission to really find out what those barriers are so we can really tackle them,” the Mercedes driver proudly continued. 

“We can get people together and take them on a journey, really pushing and making the sport look more like the outside world.”

Hamilton knows what it is to be like a minority in the field you work in. It is therefore a pleasure to see him work tirelessly for the inclusion of such people in the global family.

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