Hamilton would finish last if he was driving a Williams or Haas: Gasly

Lewis Hamilton has been the most dominant driver in Formula 1 for a number of years in his Mercedes (barring last season), but he would not even be a talking point if he was in another car.

At least that is the view of AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly, who believes the British driver’s superstar status is largely due to the team he drives for.

While Hamilton did fall to Max Verstappen at the final hurdle in a somewhat controversial manner in the Abu Dhabi finale last term, it goes without saying that he has achieved tremendous success in the sport.

It must have taken a toll on the Stevenage-born man, but he was gracious in defeat and did an admirable job of staying away from social media and any sort of interviews since that day.

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly. Credit: f1fansite.com

While attributing his success to a car that has undoubtedly been miles ahead of its competitors in recent years is not new, Gasly gave an even more damning account of Hamilton.

Gasly said that if Hamilton was forced to drive in one of the backmarker cars, he would do no better than a last-place finish.

Hamilton will finish last in a Haas or Williams: Gasly

“Unfortunately in our sport, the car makes the majority of the result,” Gasly said.

“Even if Lewis (Hamilton) is the best driver in F1 history, today, in a Williams or a Haas, he would finish last. It’s not even that he would be third or fifth, he would be 18th or 16th.”

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