Hamilton’s loss sees him “emerge in glory” from the season

Lewis Hamilton’s loss sees him “emerge in glory” like never before, according to Adam Waddell of Top Gear.

Hamilton’s shock defeat at the Abu Dhabi GP was a dark day in the history of F1. Not since many years had fans seen such a controversial ending to a season, one where the seven-time champion was robbed of his record-breaking eighth.

It was simply heartbreaking for him, his team and for his fans. There are many who dislike the British Knight, but Sunday and the fallout of the race saw them stand up and clap the man off for his incredible season and never-say-die attitude.

Accordingly, Hamilton’s loss has seen him “emerge in glory” like never before, with fan perception of him undergoing a change if it hadn’t already.

In his opinion column for Top Gear, Waddell wrote, “Despite the fact that he must have been unbelievably disappointed, Lewis has emerged from this whole episode covered in glory like never before.

“His dignity on Sunday afternoon and in the days since has been extraordinary. Given that Mercedes had already won the constructors’ championship regardless, one has to assume that Lewis played a significant part in the team’s ultimate decision not to go legal regards the driver’s title.

Lewis Hamilton legend thumbs up
Simply an icon as a racer and as a person. Source: Top Gear

“Fair play to him – he might not have been shortlisted for the 2021 BBC Sports Personality of the Year but based on recent behaviour one could argue that he deserves that accolade this year more than any other.”

Absolute class act

“He turns 37 in January so if he’s up for it, he’s got a fair few seasons left in him and one wouldn’t bet against him adding to his incredible tally of seven World Drivers’ Championships,” he continued.

“Lewis may not be universally liked – witness the boos at the post-qualifying interviews on Saturday – but I’ll wager that he’s recruited more fans in the last few days than an eighth world championship could ever have delivered.

On Wednesday, Lewis received his Knighthood, and his helmet bears the legend ‘Still We Rise’. In the past week, Sir Lewis has certainly risen…”

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