Hamilton makes long-awaited comeback in Mercedes’ video

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has made an appearance in Mercedes’ video for the Chinese audience wearing a 2022 kit.

Hamilton’s future is up in the air after the 2021 season finale. It was an absolute shambles and one that cost him a surefire eighth world championship. What looked like a record-breaking end to the season became a tale of heartbreak and robbery.

The aftermath of what happened at Yas Marina has seen the seven-time world champion bask in his silence and Mercedes unsure if he will return to the sport. It is something that is very much left to be resolved.

However, Hamilton has now made an appearance in Mercedes’ video for their Chinese fans, seemingly putting an end to the speculation.

On Mercedes’ video posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Hamilton can be seen dressed in the team’s 2022 racing kit. He then proceeded to wish those watching a very merry Chinese New Year.

“Hi everyone, I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year,” he can be heard saying, as quoted by grandprix247.com.

“May the New Year bring you good luck and everything you wish for.”

lewis hamilton back- Weibo mercedes russell hamilton
Hamilton (pictured) in the recent video. Source: grandprix247.com/Mercedes

New teammate George Russell also speaks in the video, saying, “Hi guys. I’d like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. I’m excited to join the AMG family and become part of the world’s fastest family. See you soon and stay safe.”

Is he back?

Seeing Hamilton wear the 2022 kit is a huge deal. It may be a sign that he will be returning to the grid next season after being hard done by those in the FIA.

Hamilton has remained silent since the Abu Dhabi GP, and has not appeared in public on or social media. The only time he appeared in front of the cameras was to receive his knighthood.

If he is indeed back, he will be back with a vengeance and gunning for title number eight.

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