Hamilton makes hilarious statement during Belgian GP

Lewis Hamilton has made a hilarious statement during the Belgian GP.

The Belgian GP was a bizarre one, and a reminder that sometimes, a race can be the antithesis of the adrenaline-filled moments we all love. There was plenty of free time for the drivers during the rain-soaked race, and Hamilton showed his funny side for a terrible memory.

Hamilton headed off to the bathroom for a break, but he probably came out more uncomfortable than when he went in. That was because whoever used the bathroom before him left him with a bad memory. He saw the funny side of it, and made a hilarious statement.

“I’m glad I went to the toilet. The one I went to, someone had dropped a crazy bomb in there. The worst thing ever. It’s going to haunt me for life,” he said, as reported by GP Blog.

The seven-time champion’s bathroom memory was a meme on social media, with many taking to platforms to join in the laughter. The only positive from the shambles of a race day was team radio, and it proved to be an absolute gold mine. It was not just Hamilton – some other drivers’ comments were absolute gold.

Banter GP

At the same time Hamilton tried to bring some feeling back into his nose, Pierre Gasly was looking forward to lunch instead of the race.

“Can you get me some sausages please, some sausages from the barbecue?” he asked his team.

Even Daniel Ricciardo, who ended up with his best result this season after the results were announced, was comic gold on the radio. He couldn’t race, but he reminded everyone why the race was important to him and his fans in a joking manner.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard this about me, but it’s my 200th grand prix,” Ricciardo said. “It’s kind of a deal this neck of the woods.”

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