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Lewis Hamilton insisted that Mercedes doing a livery switch “doesn’t make a difference” in the fight for diversity.

Mercedes used black livery on their cars, which is a stark departure from their old silver one. They did away with the iconic one to support Hamilton in his tireless quest of promoting inclusivity and diversity in the world of motorsport and automobiles.

There are rumours floating around that the iconic silver livery will return for next season. However, Hamilton insisted that Mercedes doing a livery switch “doesn’t make a difference” in the fight for diversity.

“I don’t have a particular feeling towards it, I am not involved in that particularly now, for next year,” Hamilton said, as quoted by GP Fans.

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Hamilton says the livery going from black (pictured) to silver does not matter. Source: gpfans.com

“It is originally the Silver Arrows, and I did expect when I asked if we could make the car black last year in terms of the symbolism, what the intent would be moving forward in terms of support.

“I wasn’t expecting it to last long and we carried it into a second season, which is awesome.

“If it goes back, it will be a nice change and it doesn’t deter us from the changes we are making internally and we continue to push for diversity, even working with all our partners.

“Just the other day with UBS, they had these young kids, trying to inspire the next generation of young engineers of all different backgrounds. We have got a good programme going, so it doesn’t make a difference.”


Hamilton has worked for diversity in the sport and beyond for a long time. He set up the Hamilton Commission. This commission offers counsel and recommendations to F1 and the FIA on various steps that can be taken to support and back the cause.

They have also launched programmes like Mission 25 and Ignite. The two aim to break down barriers of all kinds and make sure minorities of all kinds are represented in F1.

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