Hamilton points to Mercedes ‘Plan B’ if Red Bull shows more pace than them in Brazil

Lewis Hamilton remains tight-lipped over a potential engine penalty in Brazil, and said that he is not aware if the team will make him take one.

Mercedes’ engine troubles over the last few races has hampered their bid for an eighth Constructors’ Championship. They still lead the race for it, but the gap is now just a single point.

Their drivers have been taking penalties left, right and centre. Hamilton took his first and only penalty at the Turkish GP, where he dropped ten places after taking a new ICE. There are rumours he will be taking another one at the Brazilian GP, but they are yet to be confirmed.

Hamilton remains tight-lipped over a potential engine penalty in Brazil, and said that as far as he is aware, his engine seems okay.

“I can’t really comment at the moment. I don’t know,” he said, as quoted by GP Fans.

“I don’t think the engines have even arrived. As far as I am aware, my engine is fine, but I will find out later. We haven’t done our engineering.”

Title win allows me to be 'more aggressive' in Brazil – Hamilton | Formula  1®
Hamilton (pictured) did not reveal any details about his engine. Source: formula1.com

Worst-case scenario

Hamilton also explained what Mercedes could do if they are not the fastest team during the weekend.

“It doesn’t play into our hands if they are quicker,” he added.

“We will wait and see. What we will try and focus on is getting the car in the right window, which is not easy.

“It is not an easy car to set up but I think it is probably similar for everyone. We only have P1 (first practice), so it is even more intense this weekend.

“This is not a very good track for overtaking. Of course, you have got that very long straight, but I believe it is close to one of the hardest races for overtaking, on the edge of the list of the hardest of the year.

“I think you have got to have something like 1.1secs advantage on the car ahead to have a 50 per cent chance of overtaking, or something crazy like that, so it is not a great one for it,” he concluded.

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