Hamilton presents colour-coded explanation for why he has had to ‘walk alone’ throughout his F1 career

Lewis Hamilton lamented the lack of support he has had in his F1 journey, saying that it was him against the world most of the time.

Hamilton’s rise from humble beginnings to the wealthy and generational sportsman he is today is well-documented. It is an inspiration to everyone out there who dreams of defying the odds and rising above the proverbial waters.

F1’s only black driver is now its most decorated, having won seven world titles and staying in the running for an eighth one. He is a history-maker, a game-changer and an icon, but it wasn’t the same many years ago.

Hamilton lamented the lack of support he has had in his F1 journey, but insisted that he used it as fuel to help him race better.

“It’s obviously no secret that I’ve really walked this sport alone – the only black person here, or the only person of colour here,” he said, as quoted by grandprix247.com.

mercedes hamilton pit
Hamilton (pictured) has fought battles alone. Source: Mercedes

“This year I’ve not been drawing on past experiences, I’ve been drawing on feeding off this energy of doing this positive work.

“Is it helping me race? I think so, yeah. It’s like my new drive and I feel like it’s giving me more longevity because it’s a lot of work we have to do. I feel like it also gives my life real purpose.”

Titans collide

Hamilton also talked about his charge towards a title he was initially written off for, and said that all one has to do is believe.

“It wasn’t unimaginable but I think it was seen as impossible,” he said.

“However I still dreamt of it, I dream of going to space, I believe in things, and I think when you dream, we all come up with these crazy ideas.”

“It’s definitely an incredibly intense year and time. I’ve raced for 28 years, I’ve had so many intense battles through karting, through single-seaters, and this is one of them,” he concluded.

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