Hamilton explains psychological reason for sticking to 44 despite offer to use Number 1 on his car

Lewis Hamilton refused to use the Number 1 on his car, citing a psychological reason for the same.

Numero Uno is a special number in F1. It is reserved for the defending champion, who has the option of using it on their car for the season. However, ‘option’ is the key word, because it hasn’t been used for a long time.

Drivers usually pick a racing number and race with it, so changing their number is not exactly ideal. In the seven-time world champion’s case, he has always raced with the number 44, with it being a part of his brand and appeal.

Hamilton refused to use the Number 1 on his car, and gave the reason as to why he would stick with 44.

“I don’t consider myself the champion that year, I consider myself the one that’s fighting for a championship,” he said, as quoted buy Racingnews365.com.

“At the moment, it just feels like another championship for me,” he commented.

“I don’t look at it as a multiple, I always look at every season and every year, as you start from ground zero and you’re fighting.

LH44, not LH1. Source: Mercedes

“You’re the hunter and you’re fighting from the moment you start training, the moment you get into the new year, and you’re training, focused on winning.”


Hamilton is chasing his eighth world championship, while his rival Max Verstappen is gunning for his first. Although the British driver already refused the Number 1, Verstappen is of a different cloth.

The Dutchman insisted that he wants the number should he take his maiden championship, and will use it on his car until he is no longer champion.

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