Hamilton faces wrath of stewards after refusing to follow sacred rule – “Absolute failure on his part”

Lewis Hamilton has been reprimanded by the stewards after breaking a rule during practice.

The Mercedes driver committed an error during the practice session in Mexico. In the opening session, Hamilton couldn’t slow his car down towards the first corner at the circuit. He was forced to drive into the runoff area between Turn 1 and Turn 2, and rejoin the track at Turn 3.

However, those actions were not in compliance with the pre-event notes issued by FIA Race Director Michael Masi. Masi made it clear that any driver who finds himself in that position must rejoin the track by steering to the left of a bollard placed at Turn 3, and summoned the British Knight to the stewards.

Hamilton was reprimanded by the stewards for breaking the rule, and they issued a statement regarding the incident and what had taken place. It is the first time he is being cautioned this season.

As quoted by GP Fans, he stewards’ statement noted, “Car 44 (Hamilton) left the track on the left-hand side between turns one and two and re-joined the track between turns two and three, rather than re-joining by driving to the left-hand side of the bollard at turn three.

Hamilton under investigation by the stewards after incident in FP1 Mexico
Hamilton (pictured) was warned for not sticking to the race notes. Source: gpblog.com

“Whilst noting the driver’s comments in relation to track conditions and his attempt to steer to the left after leaving the track, the stewards consider this to be a failure to follow the race director’s instruction given in article 21.1a) of the race director’s event notes.”

Warning shots

The FIA will be keenly inspecting everything that happens during the Mexican GP weekend. There are a couple of minor things to take care of, and even the smallest bit like the one Hamilton overlooked is important.

The seven-time world champion was not the only one who was cautioned. Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen was also warned for doing the same thing Hamilton did.

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