Hamilton responds to FIA’s threat of deducting points from Verstappen – “It’s fair if they do it”

Lewis Hamilton responded to the FIA’s threat of deducting points, saying that it is a measure that may have been taken.

Things got ugly in the championship battle contested between Hamilton and Max Verstappen. At the Saudi Arabian GP, the two collided and were involved in other incidents, and it was a nightmare for the authorities to deal with.

It got so bad that F1 Race Director Michael Masi threatened to deduct points from the drivers if they engaged in rash driving again. At Jeddah, it was only Verstappen who was hit with penalties, with a cumulative ten-second penalty on his head after the race.

Hamilton responded to the FIA’s threat of deducting points, and said that given what has happened this season, it may be the only solution.

“It’s happened in the past obviously, and I am sure the stewards hadn’t taken the precautions they have this time around,” he said, as quoted by Formulanerds.

Hamilton vs Verstappen has been an absolute barnstormer. Source: f1.com

“I think that’s fair that they do it, and hopefully, they won’t need to be used, and we have a great race and move forward.

“I don’t really have an opinion about it otherwise, I’m here to do my job and don’t really want to see the stewards and they don’t want to see me.”


The two rivals have collided multiple times this season. Silverstone, Monza and Jeddah are only some of those occasions, with the pair’s rivalry getting heated.

Verstappen and Hamilton go into Abu Dhabi level on points, with the Dutchman holding the advantage on races won. He has won nine races to eight, and if they finish level, Super Max will clinch his first world champion.

Fair competition should be the norm according to the FIA, and whatever happens in the UAE, we hope it’s hard and clean racing.

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