Lewis Hamilton reveals ‘blacking out’ while taking sharp turn at extreme G-Force

Being a Formula 1 driver means that you regularly experience varying amounts of G-force throughout a race. It makes the sport extremely gruelling physically. Drivers put in hours in the gym to build their endurance and strength, especially in the core and neck.

Lewis Hamilton, who has been a professional F1 driver since 2007, is no different. Having won a record-equalling seven world championships, it goes without saying that he ensures he is in peak physical shape.

But what happens when he is asked to fly a fighter jet? Does he have what it takes to effectively operate it?

It is common for F1 drivers to lose up to 3-4 kgs per race. Their weight is measured both at the start and end of every race to ensure that they haven’t lost too many fluids during the main event.

With cars becoming faster and faster, the G-force that drivers need to contend with have also increased.

While Hamilton may have thought he has all the training he requires to operate the jet, in reality, he was completely unprepared.

One sharp turn from the pilot saw Hamilton completely black out!

Plenty of mutual respect between Hamilton and Rossi

Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi. Credit: skysports.com

Hamilton reflected on this moment and explained why it was so different compared to what he had every experienced in all his years of F1.

Another legend of the motorsport community, Valentino Rossi, accompanied Hamilton during this interview.

The mutual respect between the two was clear for all to see.

Hamilton was quick to talk about his love for bikes and praised Rossi for how effortless he made it seem.

The Stevenage-born driver also commented on the impressive speed at which MotoGP drivers compete at.

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