BARCELONA, SPAIN - MAY 09: Race winner Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP looks on in parc ferme during the F1 Grand Prix of Spain at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on May 09, 2021 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Xavier Bonilla - Pool/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton revealed that he was upset with some athletes dismissing the COVID-19 threat, saying that it is still very much present.

The world was turned upside down twenty months ago when the pandemic struck. Fast-forward to today, and things are better with mass vaccinations and safety protocols in place.

F1, like all other sports, was also affected by the virus. The seven-time world champion was one among a couple of drivers to test positive, and he suffered the effects for a long time.

Hamilton revealed that he was upset with some athletes dismissing the COVID-19 threat, and urged everyone to stay safe to the best of their abilities.

“I am still at home alone, but thanks to the experience from the previous year, this can now be managed a little better. But you live in constant fear,” he said, as quoted by

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Hamilton (pictured) gave his thoughts on COVID-19. Source:

“It doesn’t matter to the people around me if they miss a day of work. But it can be decisive for us drivers.

“I see other athletes who are super relaxed about it and don’t seem to mind if they get it. That feels strange to me.”

Social troubles

However, Hamilton admitted that fully isolating and remaining paranoid about the virus would do more harm than good, especially for one’s social life.  

“(The) isolation and insecurity in dealing with people makes a monumental difference,” he continued.

“Last year it was only six months because of the short season, but now we’ve had it for almost a whole year.

“The rules have been relaxed somewhat in some areas, making it easier to be careless and get into trouble. So you always have to keep it in the back of your mind.

“My way of dealing with social contact is very different now than in the past. Now I keep my distance from everyone and always hold my breath when people are around,” he concluded.

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