Hamilton reveals stance on potential Ferrari move – “It’s a goal to be achieved”

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton revealed his stance on a potential Ferrari move, saying that he has always dreamed of wearing red.

Hamilton has not been seen since the infamous Abu Dhabi GP. The way the eighth world title was snatched away from him has prompted the Mercedes driver to take a break from social media and make little to no public appearances.

With questions surrounding his future and a potential retirement a not-too-distant possibility, fans are eagerly waiting for the driver to do something. However, if we are to make speculations, a move to another team would not be the wildest thing ever.

Hamilton had revealed his stance on a potential Ferrari move in the past, with the words he spoke then coming to light again.

Speaking to Sky Italia as quoted by express.co.uk, the British Knight had said at the time, “For many years, when I came to Monza, walking next to the fans… I could hear them saying ‘Come to Ferrari!’

“This warmed my heart, but it’s pretty amazing that I’ve never driven for Ferrari in so many years. Because it is a dream for anyone, a goal to be achieved.

“It has never really been possible and I will never quite know exactly why.

“I wish them the best and in my near future I will continue to prevent them from winning the world championship.

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Hamilton (pictured0 was left disillusioned at Abu Dhabi. Source: Getty Images

“I’ve seen photos of their drivers and red is always red. I have a couple of Ferraris at home. I can drive those, but not the Ferrari F1.”


Hamilton had also talked about the idea of retirement, with his comments eerily ticking some boxes considering his current situation.

“That thought often happens to me. It’s like a wave,” he had said.

“It comes and goes, there have been many occasions in the last four or five years when I didn’t know if I still wanted to try, sacrifice myself with training at the expense of personal life.

“There are other things I like to do. So many things I would like to try. But on the other hand I tell myself that I am so lucky to be doing this job.”

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