Hamilton, Russell left licking their lips after W13 upgrade; Rival boss threatens to lodge protest

Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will be licking their lips after the Silver Arrows confirmed that they will be bringing fresh updates to the car ahead of the British Grand Prix.

Porpoising has been a major concern for Mercedes throughout the early stages of this season, but it is believed that these problems are now behind the team.

Mercedes has been a lot better in recent weeks and the team’s technical director Mike Elliott confirmed that he expects them to close the gap on Red Bull and Ferrari even more.

“One thing you can be sure of is we will push as hard as we can,” Elliott said in Mercedes’ post-race debrief video.

“We will be bringing new bits to Silverstone, we will be trying to push the car forward, trying to get some pace from the car we’ve got or from the package we’ve got as well as the new bits we are going to add to it.

“I think at the same time though we have to be honest with ourselves and say that at the moment we are just a little bit behind those front runners in Ferrari and Red Bull. And in a normal race I think it is going to be tough.”

Can Hamilton build on eye-catching British GP record?

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: autoweek.com

Hamilton enjoys a great record at the British Grand Prix, having won the event 8 times already.

Elliott hopes that the familiarity and comfort of driving in front of a packed home crowd can spur Hamilton and Russell to an even better finish at Silverstone.

“I think Silverstone will be a circuit that suits us a little bit better, like Barcelona did, but maybe it will be just a little bit difficult. Whatever happens we will push as hard as we can,” Elliott said.

“Our drivers will push as hard as we can because we want to get back to winning.

“We want to win for the team, we definitely want to win and we want to win for you, the fans, so let’s see what happens.”

While Mercedes fans will undoubtedly be buoyed following these developments, not everyone is as enthused by the manner in which Mercedes is operating in.

FIA recently released a technical directive to limit the amount of porpoising experienced by drivers in cars.

If a car was found to be in excess of the limit, it would stand liable to be disqualified from the event altogether.

Szafnauer threatens Mercedes with protest

Otmar Szafnauer. Credit: thesportsrush.com

Alpine principal Otmar Szafnauer is one such person. He even warned Hamilton and Mercedes that he will protest any drastic changes made by them ahead of Silverstone.

“It could very well be that we shouldn’t be running this in qualifying in the race,” Szafnauer said.

“If teams have brought those stays, I would imagine they could be perhaps looked at after and protested. 

“It’s against the regulation as it stands today. We definitely don’t have one. And unfortunately, if you do have an extra stay, you can run the car lower and stiffer, and gain some advantage.”

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