Hamilton vows to keep pushing after stunning sprint race – “You can’t just give up”

Lewis Hamilton has vowed to keep pushing after a stunning sprint race, saying he will only give up until it’s over.

There were dropped jaws and crazed looks as Hamilton delivered a barnstormer of a sprint race during the Brazilian GP weekend. Sent to the back of the grid due to a penalty, he blitzed past the field and finished in an astonishing fifth place.

Many big names fell to the seven-time champion as he relentlessly romped to try and do some damage limitation. One of them was the already-rapid Lando Norris, who Hamilton overtook in an absolute daredevil move that awed even his haters.

With his dive on Norris and his P5, he will start the race in 10th place after his penalty. However, if he can go from last to fifth in 24 laps, one can only imagine what he could do for his title race from tenth in 71 laps.

Hamilton vowed to keep pushing after his scorching sprint race, and said that it’s not over till it actually is.

“Honestly, I had no idea what was possible today. I didn’t set a limit or a maximum,” he said, as quoted by grandprix247.com.

lewis hamilton brazil
Hamilton (pictured) will fight to the end. Source: Mercedes

“When I was at the back of the grid at the start before we pulled away for the formation lap, I think I might have been able to see like, 10 and I was like ‘okay, that’s my goal, I’ve got to try and get up as far as possible,’ but then all of a sudden, I was chipping away at it much faster and I really used a lot of different things for motivation today.”

No quit

Hamilton also talked about his mindset when the disastrous news that he would start at the back of the grid came.

“I just never give up, you can’t ever give up you have to keep pushing,” he continued.  

“It has been tough today. While the team was working away, talking with the stewards, I was just trying focus on my work with my engineers and keeping the morale with my mechanics high and just focusing on the job at hand. Not thinking about it.”

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