Hamilton wants fans to get full refund

Lewis Hamilton has sided with the furious fans after the Belgian GP.

The Belgian GP has fans furious with what happened. Rain was the main culprit, but the scheduling of the race was also abysmal for many fans. They sat for four hours to see two laps of racing, and all of it behind a Safety Car. Moreover, the race was for nought, as the results were awarded based on qualification performance after factoring in the penalties.

As a result, Max Verstappen won the Belgian GP. George Russell finished second, while Hamilton rounded off the podium. His championship lead over Verstappen was reduced to 3.5 points.

Hamilton addressed the race, the restart and the general atmosphere around Belgium. He also talked about those in the stands, and sided with the furious fans after the Belgian GP.

“Firstly, I feel really sorry for the fans today,” Hamilton said, as reported by GP Blog.

“It’s nobody’s fault but the fans have been incredible to stick with us and hold out for a potential race. They knew when they sent us out that the track wasn’t any better. Just to start two laps behind the safety car which is the minimum requirement to start a race. I hope they get their money back.

Unforeseen circumstances

“With 5 meters in front of you, the car disappears so it was difficult down the straights to see the flashing light. You couldn’t go flat out because you couldn’t see what part of the track they were on,” he concluded.

It looks like the fans won’t get a refund. According to the rules of the Formula 1 rulebook, fans won’t be refunded if the race is called off due to external factors like rain, wind or other natural disasters. As a result, even if Hamilton wants it, it’s unlikely to happen.

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