Helmut Marko finds ally in Max Verstappen as Christian Horner tries to sack technical advisor in Red Bull power struggle

Red Bull and Helmut Marko are so synonymous that you can’t really imagine one’s presence without the other.

However, the winners of this year’s constructors’ championship may well have decided to put an end to this association, with rumours of a power struggle between Marko and team principal Christian Horner reportedly causing trouble in the Red Bull camp.

Max Verstappen and Marko Helmut. Credit: autoweek.com
Max Verstappen and Marko Helmut. Credit: autoweek.com

Marko currently serves as the technical advisor of the team and is seen as an important member of Red Bull’s makeup.

But, he is now 80 years old and his seniority in the sport makes certain dealings complicated with Horner as the team looks to find the best solution to sustain its current run in the sport.

Marko’s personality is not everyone’s cup of tea and the Austrian is known to employ harsh methods.

At the age of 80, he also knows that he can’t continue in such a high-pressure role for too long and hinted at an imminent change while in conversation with the Osterreich newspaper.

“There will be discussions this week,” he said.

The rumour mills are working on overtime as there is speculation that Horner is the one pushing for Marko to be shown the door, albeit in a respectful manner.

Horner’s main agenda behind this is to assume greater control and authority in the working of Red Bull.

Marko was asked to speak about the speculation surrounding his role at the team.

“The decisions are still open, including what I will do next,” he said.

“My current contract runs until the end of 2024.”

Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz were known to be very close, but the passing away of the latter has undoubtedly changed how things operate at Red Bull.

Marko himself had admitted that he is unsure how long he will continue in his role after the demise of one of his closest friends.

Dietrich Mateschitz’ passing meant that Red Bull now operates under an expanded circle of influence which includes Mark Mateschitz, Thai stakeholders, and Oliver Mintzlaff.

“The way we were able to decide things with Dietrich was unique,” Marko said, which was a clear hint that the way things now work at Red Bull are distinctly different.

What complicates the entire matter further is the fact that star driver Max Verstappen is very close to Marko.

the Dutchman has often spoken out in support of who he sees as a highly influential member in shaping his own career and has said that he will not take his mentor’s ousting lightly.

“This is a complex topic,” Marko said, when asked if he is soon going to be shown the door.

“Of course, I also have an obligation to Red Bull and Max. Nevertheless, the overall package has to fit.”

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