Helmut Marko threatens to walk out on Red Bull after ‘not friendly’ backroom signing- “I don’t see that anymore”

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has hinted that he is close to ending his association with the team after the radical changes that have taken place since the death of Dietrich Mateschitz.

Mateschitz was the co-founder of Red Bull and a close friend of Marko, but eventually lost his long fight with pancreatic cancer last October.

In terms of results, there is plenty of optimism around the Red Bull camp that they could now truly witness a period of dominance in the sport after Max Verstappen’s back-to-back world titles and Red Bull’s constructors’ crown last year.

As of now, Red Bull’s four titles between 2010 and 2013 is the team’s best stint in the sport, but the signs seem ominous as far as their superiority is concerned this season as well.

However, for Marko, things are far from smooth in terms of the new management structure at the energy drink company.

Helmut Marko. Credit: gpfans.net
Helmut Marko. Credit: gpfans.net

Oliver Mintzlaff, who was previously RB Leipzig’s chief executive, now heads the corporate projects and investments side of the wider business at Red Bull.

For all his successes in football, there is a widespread belief that Mintzlaff is not overly passionate about motorsport.

This is a big problem for Marko, who even said that he was so disillusioned with how things were being handled that he could throw in the towel himself.

“We met twice. He got insights. It remains to be seen how far he will respond to our ideas. Red Bull Racing has always been very independent,” Marko said.

Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz. Credit: gpfans.com
Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz. Credit: gpfans.com

Marko explained just how different things have been since Mateschitz’s death.

“It’s no longer the case that I report by phone after every practice session and race,” he said.

“The direct, personal and friendly relationship is no longer there. Didi was a visionary, had emotions. I don’t see that anymore.

“I am a free person I can stop at any time if I’m no longer happy. Wait and see how the future turns out.”

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