Helmut Marko on ‘nostalgic’ prospect of Sebastian Vettel re-joining Red Bull before retirement

Fans of Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel will be disappointed to hear Helmut Marko’s latest comments regarding a proposed move back to the sports drink outfit for the German.

Although Vettel did start his career at BMW Sauber, his most iconic years definitely came at Red Bull, where he won four world championships.

Although he has shown some signs of returning back to form, any chances of Vettel returning to Red Bull seem very remote now, especially after Marko all but shut the door on this prospect.

Everyone knows just how influential a member Marko is at Red Bull, a team where he enjoys the role of technical advisor.

“There’s just no room for such nostalgic thoughts. You also need the motivation of the entire technical crew,” Marko told Formel.de.

Part of the blame for Vettel’s indifferent performances this season has been the overall struggles of Aston Martin.

It has already been rumoured that the pressure on team boss Lawrence Stroll is growing with respect to his son’s performances this year.

Lance has managed only two points in the opening eight races.

With performance issues hindering the team, Aston Martin currently finds itself in 9th position in the constructors’ championship.

But all is not gloomy at Aston Martin, especially based on Vettel’s recent performances.

Big updates coming up for Aston Martin?

Sebastian Vettel. Credit: sportskeeda.com
Sebastian Vettel. Credit: sportskeeda.com

It has given the team’s performance director Tom McCullough plenty of reasons to be optimistic, given some big updates are now just around the corner.

“We’ve got a wider operating window that we can set the car up in, which you really need to go between Barcelona, which has obviously got a lot of high speed, grip-limited content,” he said.

“Then you go to Monaco and here [Baku], where the circuit efficiency is the biggest difference and there’s a lot more low-speed content.

“It just gives us a bit more freedom. We can just move the car around a bit and we’re not just pinned to a certain point because of certain issues.”

The drivers are currently in Montreal as they gear up for what will reportedly be rather tricky conditions during the Canadian Grand Prix.

Will Vettel show his class once again? Let us know in the comments.

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