Herbert rips into Verstappen for dangerous racing – “He pushes it too much!”

Johnny Herbert ripped into Max Verstappen for dangerous racing, and suggested that if the championship ends badly, it will mostly be on him.

Verstappen and title rival Lewis Hamilton are now level on points with one final race left to go. The momentum is with the latter, having won three out of the last three races.

However, the Dutchman cannot be counted out at all. In fact, he holds the advantage in terms of position, so much that even if both drivers get disqualified, he wins the championship due to his greater number of race wins.

However, Herbert ripped into Verstappen for dangerous racing, and said that if he had to pick the more kamikaze driver from the championship contenders, it would be him. 

“Max said something I think (was) very telling as well, where he sort of said, ‘I still have the advantage that I have more race wins’,” three-time race winner Herbert said, as quoted by racingnews365.com.

“That means they both can’t finish for Max to win the World Championship, so that was a very interesting statement.

Verstappen (pictured) has been in a spot of bother lately. Source: RN365

“I don’t want to see the championship decided by one of the drivers taking out the other, and that will only be Max, because of that comment he mentioned (that) he’s got the advantage of those race wins.”

Finale inbound

Herbert also gave his thoughts on the season finale, and revealed his excitement for it.

“What a final race have we got coming our way, because this is far from over,” he commented.

“I think it just shows what Max is willing to do to try and win this World Championship.

“I agree with Lewis. Although I love Max because of what he does on the race track, he does really push the limits and sometimes he pushes it too much,” he concluded.

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