Damon Hill has fuelled the fire of the F1 refuelling debate, saying he was thinking how it would be if F1 brought it back.

F1 used to have refuelling as a part of the racing. It was done away with due to the risk involved for drivers and crew members. Nobody seems to be missing refuelling, except the former F1 driver in Hill.

Hill fuelled the fire of the F1 refuelling debate, saying he was flirting with the idea of bringing refuelling back to F1.

“Was just thinking about bringing back re-fueling into F1. Maybe not,” Hill wrote.

Why drivers support return of refueling in F1 races
Refuelling in F1 back in the day. Source: espn.com

Many fans took to social media to voice their opinions on Hill’s statements. Most of them remained firm in their disapproval regarding the implementation of refuelling. However, there was a minority who considered bringing it back.

Fuel in the tank

There are some advocates in the F1 paddock for refuelling, most notably Romain Grosjean. The former Haas driver and head of GDPA thinks refuelling will create more interesting races, and also manage car weights.

As quoted by ESPN, Grosjean said, “Yes, we want it. Not because we think it’s great for racing but because we need to bring the weight of the car down to help Pirelli.

“It’s a temporary fix for the car to be 70 kg lighter or 60 kg lighter. It’s one of the reasons we are overheating the car like crazy.”

Grosjean also said that refuelling being brought back would improve racing, as the car’s extra weight due to the fuel in it will help drivers to manage tyres. “It will help the tyres, which is the big weakness,” he concluded.

While those are tempting arguments for the return of refuelling, the reasons of cost disadvantages and safety risks involved will most certainly keep that idea on the shelf. For now, at least.

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