Hill goes on angry Twitter rant defending Hamilton – “F1 makes people happy because they get angry”

Former F1 driver Damon Hill has gone on an angry Twitter rant defending Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, saying that what happened to him was a disgrace.

Hamilton was hard done at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, losing the race and an eighth world title in controversial fashion. The FIA’s bizarre intervention and subsequent breaking of the Safety Car rules left him a sitting duck after restart.

Seeing the seven-time champion slumping in his car in disbelief over what happened was a terrible sight to see. Many fans slammed the sport and its governing body for robbing him, and called for justice to be delivered.

Hill, meanwhile, went on an angry Twitter rant defending Hamilton, but resigned himself to saying that what’s done was done.

“People are angry. They love being angry. So they are happy,” Hill tweeted.

Hill (pictured) stood up for Hamilton. Source: Getty Images

“All the people who say they have lost faith in F1, they’ll be back. Because they love to be angry. F1 makes people happy because they get angry. It’s a great paradox.”

In the past

Hill then reacted to a fan’s comment on Hamilton deserving “justice”, saying, “There was no crime. There was a massive mess.

“We’ll never know what should have happened. Maybe Lewis would have won. Maybe not. But we can never know for sure. Totally unsatisfactory. But there is nothing that can change the result.”

He concluded his rant by taking a poll and asking fans to vote on what they felt was wrong, saying, “My point is this; there is nothing that will change the result.

“Enormously damaging for F1 and for Lewis. It’s done. We cannot turn the clock back. And it wasn’t my fault!”

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