Hill sends warning to Hamilton and Verstappen – “They have an obligation to be sporting”

Damon Hill sent a warning to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and asked them to put sporting code above all else.

The championship battle between the pair is coming to a close, with two races remaining. Hamilton is in the middle of mounting a comeback, having won two of the last two races. He currently trails the Dutchman by eight points.

With the two drivers colliding into each other twice over the course of the season, they have it in them to complete the trifecta. Should that happen and the championship wraps up because of it, it would be a very anticlimactic end to the season.

Hill sent a warning to Hamilton and Verstappen and urged them to race clean at all costs.

“I think it (a crash deciding the championship) would be sad for F1,” Hill said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“We have an obligation to be sporting. I know sport is seen to be a bit naive to expect footballers or whatever to not do the occasional foul, but it would be great if there was a way of resolving it, not amicably, but to satisfaction. 

There is bad blood between the two title rivals with jibes exchanged in media briefings
The two title rivals will fight for the glory. Source: Getty Images

“You want to come away from this with a great championship that has been fought by two worthy opponents and the best man and the best team won. You don’t want that kind of thing hanging over the championship at the end.”

Drama and tension

Being a former world champion himself, Hill claimed that the pressure and tension at such a stage were gargantuan and exhausting.

“There’s definitely pressure and anxiety because it’s getting so close, so tight,” he added. 

“All that hard work and there must have been times this season where they thought this is doable and when you see the gap closing it does (add pressure). I wouldn’t say it creates panic in the ranks, but it must be exhausting. 

“It’s been hard work for everyone involved and the stresses are starting to show.”

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