Hill makes Hamilton admission on relationship with Russell – “Lewis recognises his shelf life is shorter”

Former F1 driver Damon Hill sent a warning to Lewis Hamilton, saying he would do good to help his young teammate George Russell.

Mercedes will line up with Hamilton and Russell for 2022. It is a very interesting dynamic, with the legendary veteran in Hamilton taking on his young hotshot countryman in the upcoming season.

With Russell having F1 experience under his belt, it will not be a completely new experience for him. However, it will still be the biggest challenge of his career, especially given he has to go up against the seven-time world champion.

With the new season kicking off in a few weeks, Hill sent a warning to Hamilton, saying it would be ideal for his team if he played the role of mentor as well.

“It will be great to follow,” he told Motorsport.com regarding the new Mercedes lineup.

“I’m sure Lewis will encourage George. I don’t see it going wrong. Lewis recognises that his shelf-life in the sport is shorter than George’s, so I’m sure he’ll be willing to lend a hand if needed. That is probably not necessary at all.”

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell on the podium at Spa.
Hamilton (left) with teammate Russell (right). Source: planetf1.com

Youth charm

The 61-year-old also remarked that the ball was in Russell’s court, saying he could either take the lessons or go at it himself.

“It’s up to George to decide how he’s going to handle it,” he continued.

“You can approach such a situation with ‘he is the enemy and I am going to teach him a lesson’. That might not be the smartest thing to do with Lewis next to you. So yes, we have a lot to look forward to.”

“The boy has everything that is needed. He’s above the rest, you know.”

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