Honda makes worrying assessment after analysing 2022 fuel quality – “Power of the engine will also decrease”

Honda revealed that they were not impressed with the 2022 fuel, saying they are not ideal for power generation.

F1 made the switch to sustainable fuel in 2022. It is a step in the right direction regarding the sport’s commitment to the environment. The new E10 fuel model is a mixture of fossil fuel and ethanol in a 9:1 ratio.

Every team on the grid has gotten to work with their new tools. There haven’t been many complaints regarding the new energy source, but now one manufacturer has voiced a concern.

Honda revealed that they were not impressed with the 2022 fuel, saying it was difficult to draw out maximum power and performance from it.

In an interview with, when asked for a power loss figure, former Honda man Yasuaki Asagi said, “That’s a secret.

“It seems other companies say it’s about the same but, on the contrary, making such an announcement means it’s difficult to get the same power as last year.

Red Bull's special Honda livery for the Turkish GP. October 2021
Honda is finding power generation from the fuel difficult. Source:

“The response to E10 fuel is the largest (challenge). The engine architecture had already been set (with the new 2021 power unit) so we have made changes to bring out the best performance with E10 fuel.”

The numbers don’t lie

“When it comes to E10 fuel, the power and energy it has with the same weight are reduced. That is the characteristic of alcohol fuel,” he explained.

“On the other hand, the abnormal combustion (knocking) of the old fuel will be easier to control now.

“We are aiming for maximum efficiency, but with E10 fuel the power of the engine will also decrease and the amount of power generation will also decrease.”

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