Horner and Wolff trade insults during press conference – “Don’t need to kiss his a**”

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff traded insults during the press conference of the Qatar GP weekend.

Red Bull and Mercedes have been at loggerheads since the start of the season. Leading the teams’ verbal tirades are Horner and Wolff, the team principals who can’t seem to stand one another.

Lots of jabs, barbs, sarcastic comments and outright accusations have been delivered and received by the pair this season. It has come to the point where expecting a round of dissing seems normal every race weekend, and it panned out that way once again.

Horner and Wolff traded insults during a press conference, with a lot of shade being thrown under veiled words.

As quoted by Autoweek, the Austrian went first, saying, “As far as the punches between the teams, there are many great people working in Red Bull and obviously many great people working in Mercedes and it’s a hell of a fight.

“It’s the World Championship of the highest category in motor racing and what started as Olympic boxing went to pro boxing and is now MMA, but that’s OK.

hamilton verstappen
Wolff vs Horner is now bigger than this rivalry. Source: Getty Images

“We are in the ring there trying to do the best job possible, elbows are allowed now because the rules say so and gloves are off and nothing else is to be expected.”


Horner replied to Wolff’s comments, saying, “I think relationship and respect are two different things.

“Of course, there is respect for everything that Mercedes have done and everything that Lewis Hamilton has done, but I don’t need to go to dinner with Toto. I don’t need to kiss his a**, or anything like that.

“There are a few other team principals that might, but from my perspective it’s a competition and I think it’s great that we’re in this position, that we’re fighting.

“We’re fighting for the World Championship, we’re fighting for the Constructors’ World Championship and it’s the first time in seven year they have been challenged, so that intensifies it.

“And I think the sport is a big winner out of this and I just hope that we have a hard and fair fight between now and the end of the season,” he concluded.

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