Horner asks fans to offer “better support” and demand “simplified rules” from FIA

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner asked fans to offer “better support” and demand some “simplified rules” in the future.

Max Verstappen won the world championship at the season finale of 2021. However, the way he won it was highly controversial, though it was no fault of his or Red Bull’s. Instead, politics reared its ugly head and the race was turned on its head thanks to a shocking decision made on the last lap.

The decision allowed Verstappen, who had spent the entire race chasing shadows, pass his title rival on the last lap and take victory. Although it was a well-deserved championship, he benefitted immensely from an outright breaking of the rules.

In the wake of significant backlash, Horner asked fans to offer “better support” and demand “simplified rules” instead of crying foul.

“The new (FIA) President has put a key focus on this and I think there’s a big drive to make sure that the Race Director has better support,” Horner told Sky Sports, as quoted by f1i.com.

Horner (centre) in conversation with Masi (right). Source: XPB

“The tools that we (the teams) have at our disposal are far in advance of that of Michael (Masi, Race Director) and his team, so I think there’s been a lot of focus on that over the winter.”


“I think you’ll see that role better supported, which will hopefully enable decisions to be easier and swifter, but I think we also need to look at the regulations to simplify some of those as well,” he continued.

“The only ones talking about it (the season finale controversy) have been you guys (the media).

“We thoroughly enjoyed getting that championship victory and obviously the focus is now on 2022 – 2021 is already history, but we’re excited about the season ahead.”

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