Horner deems Wolff’s behaviour towards Albon situation “unusual”

Christian Horner has deemed Toto Wolff’s behaviour towards the Alex Albon situation “unusual”.

Albon is Red Bull’s reserve driver, and is heavily linked with a move to Williams. However, because he is currently under contract with the Milton-Keynes outfit, there are some complications with the potential move. Among them is Wolff himself.

The Mercedes boss is keeping the opinion that Red Bull should release Abon from his contract, so he can race at Williams without any worries. They would like to have him as an option for a future driver lineup. However, Mercedes is worried that that Albon might pass on classified information to Red Bull, because it is Mercedes themselves who supply engines to Williams.  

Wolff’s opinion did not sit too well with Horner, and he deemed it unusual.

“It’s slightly unusual,” Horner said, as reported by express.co.uk.

Christian Horner is surprised that Toto Wolff would block Alex Albon's return to F1
The three people involved in the Alex Albon (top right) to Williams saga. Source: express.co.uk

“Obviously it’s a huge influence, but I’m assured that Williams choose the drivers that they wish to drive in their car, and that they don’t have restrictions.”

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Horner insisted that their main objective was to give Albon time on the track, and said that a seat on the grid would be great for him. He also disagreed with Wolff on the fact that it can happen only by removing him from contract.

“Maybe we don’t (have to release Albon from his Red Bull contract),” Horner said.

“We’ve had very productive discussions with Williams and with Alfa, and I expect the situation to hopefully be resolved in the next week or so. Obviously we want to see Alex racing next year. We rate him highly. I think we’re close to finding a solution. 

“Hopefully Alex will be back on the grid next year and, behind the scenes, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that happens,” he concluded.

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