Horner disappointed with Verstappen’s grid penalty

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner is disappointed with Max Verstappen’s penalty for the Russian GP.

Verstappen and his title rival Lewis Hamilton crashed at the Italian GP, and both drivers failed to finish the race. The incident was the subject of intense discussion and debate, but the stewards had other ideas. They did not label the crash as a racing incident, and handed Verstappen a three-place grid penalty for his actions. According to the FIA, he was “predominantly to blame” for the horror incident.

Horner expressed his thoughts on the stewards’ decision, and revealed that he was disappointed with Verstappen’s penalty.

“We are disappointed with the three-place grid penalty, but accept the decision of the stewards,” Horner told, as reported by Verstappen.com

Horner: Disappointed about Verstappen's penalty, but accept the decision
Horner (pictured) insisted the incident between Hamilton and Verstappen was not a penalty. Source: gpblog.com

“What happened between Max and Lewis was, in our opinion, a genuine racing incident. You can argue for both sides, but ultimately it’s frustrating and disappointing to see both cars out of the race in what is proving to be an exciting championship.”

A thought on Hamilton

Horner also talked about the safety aspect of the crash, and how it affected Verstappen and especially Hamilton. The seven-time world champion can thank the advanced safety measures embraced by the sport, especially halo, which quite literally saved his life.

If the technology wasn’t there, we would be looking at serious neck injury for Hamilton. The fact that the aforementioned consequence is a best-case scenario tells you how lucky Hamilton was.

Horner said the most important thing of the day was that no one was hurt.

“The most important thing today is that the halo did its job. This is certainly not the way we wanted to end the race”, the team boss said.

It was a scary sight for everyone involved. One can only imagine how Hamilton was feeling in those moments of pressure, desperation and pain.

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