Christian Horner is resentful regarding the FIA’s new pit stop rule.

F1 has seen new pit stop regulations after the summer break. The changes have come too fast and too drastically, as we have seen many botched pit stops in the races since. The most affected team seems to be Red Bull, who in this span of time has thrown away two potential podiums for their drivers.

Red Bull committed blunders at the Italian and Russian GP, and that is part of the reason they trail Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship standings. Horner is resentful regarding the FIA’s new pit stop rule, and suggested that it has made a dent into racing efficiency and exposed a weakness.

As reported by Speedweek, Horner said, “Monza was a consequence of this (the new rules), yes, a human error.

Balance of power unclear over remaining F1 races, says Red Bull
Horner says Red Bull (pictured) has been severely affected by the new rules. Source:

“Sochi was something different. When Perez was changing tires, the right rear wheel was stuck. Checo thought he had the sign to drive away, but had to stop again. The approval procedure for driving away, therefore, had to start all over again.

“We are talking about just a few seconds here, but they accumulate in this situation. We practice the pit stops continuously, of course since the rule change, but it’s true – it has become more difficult,” Horner opined.  

New directive

The new pit stop rules will have the driver see the all-clear green light only when all the four mechanics positioned near the four wheels press a certain button after the job. If someone presses the button too early, the light stays red.

This means that the pressing must be done only when all the four wheels are changed. After this, the car is released from the jack and the driver can exit the pit lane. The confusion with this has seen an increase in average pit stop times.

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