Horner reveals predictions for future world champions – “There’s so many exciting young drivers”

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner revealed his predictions for the future world champions F1 will have, saying he is excited for the sport.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the world championship in 2021, ending Lewis Hamilton’s winning streak and taking a big victory for F1’s new generation.

With every team in F1 trying their best to sign the top young talents in the sport, a change of the guard may be upon us. Verstappen’s victory was the beginning, with the future looking in great shape.

Horner revealed his predictions for the future world champions F1 will have, saying there were so many youngsters to pick from.

“Well, I think Formula 1 is in great shape at the moment because there’s so many exciting young drivers,” Horner told India’s World Is One News, as quoted by Racingnews365.com,

“Max, of course, is only 24, but he’s got a whole generation around him, like Charles Leclerc, George Russell in the Mercedes this year, you have Lando Norris that looks exciting, (there’s) Carlos Sainz.

Horner (left) with Verstappen (right). Source: RN365

“There’s many drivers that are of a similar age, that are going to be there for the next 10 years or so. I think that’s great for the sport, it’s great for the competition and it’s going to be exciting to see how it pans out.”

Turn up to the Max

Horner also explained the traits that Verstappen possesses that helped him become champion.

“I think it’s his hunger, it’s his determination, it’s his natural ability,” he commented.

“But the fact that he never gives up; he’s a fighter, he will never let go of any opportunity, and that’s what marks him out as an exciting driver – a great driver.

“You know if you’ve got Max behind you, he’s going to have a go. I think that’s why he’s got such a big following in F1, (one) that we see continuing to grow.”

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