Horner says Verstappen-Perez pairing “up there” with best Red Bull teammates

Christian Horner has said that the Max Verstappen-Sergio Perez pairing is “up there” with the best Red Bull teammates in history.

Perez joined as Verstappen’s teammate at the beginning of this season. They have been better as a pair than the last three duos Red Bull have had.

Verstappen is a big supporter of Perez, and backed him despite his struggles during this season. Perez also has tried his best to keep Verstappen and Red Bull in the hunt for the available championships.

Given the recent pairing s Red Bull have had in F1, this one has been a breath of fresh air, and way more reliable at that. Horner said that the Verstappen-Perez pairing is “up there” with the greatest pairings the team has produced.

“It is up there,” the Red Bull Team Principal said, as quoted by GP Fans.

I've got absolutely nothing to lose' - Perez on why he's not fazed by the  challenge of facing Verstappen at Red Bull | Formula 1®
Verstappen (left) and Perez (right) are teammates this season. Source: formula1.com

“There was always a good dynamic with Daniel (Ricciardo), also Alex (Albon) last year there was never any issues, but Sergio knows what the objectives are for these remaining seven races and one of those key objectives is having him as close to the front as we can possibly get him.”

Perezing matters

When asked if Perez and his years of experience and craft would be instrumental as the business end of the season looms, Horner said, “Absolutely.

“At this stage of a championship, experience will come into play. He should have been on the podium in Monza, he could have been on the podium in Sochi.

“He is going to play a key role in the constructors’ championship and of course, both he and Valtteri (Bottas) are going to play a key role as well potentially in the drivers’ (championship),” he concluded.

Perez will have his work cut out with six races to go. He will need to be at his very best to deliver the goods for his team.

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