Horner sticks by view regarding penalty – “It’s just hard racing”

Christian Horner has stuck by his view regarding a potential penalty for Max Verstappen, saying his driver did nothing wrong.

Verstappen, Red Bull and the FIA were in the crosshairs of the fans during the Brazilian GP. There, Verstappen got away with what was a stonewall penalty when he forced Lewis Hamilton off the track. Red Bull then jumped to the defence of their driver despite it being very obvious.

But the biggest villain of them all was the FIA, who decided that there was no investigation necessary for the incident. The sentiment was that they had robbed Hamilton of justice.

However, justice came when Hamilton overtook Verstappen and finished more than ten seconds ahead of his championship rival.

Fans called for Red Bull and Verstappen to be hit with a penalty after the race. However, Horner stuck by his view regarding the penalty call and insisted that his driver was not at fault.

“Yeah, I mean it’s two guys running hard,” the team boss told Sky Sports.

Horner Verstappen
Horner (right) defended Verstappen (left). Source: punditarena.com

“Lewis has got to run round the outside, Max has gone in deep, they’ve both gone wide. It would have been really unfair to penalise on that.

“If it was the other way around, I’d have told my sporting director to have a moan about it, but I wouldn’t have expected really anything from it.”

Can’t see it

When asked if Verstappen’s aggressive cornering warranted a penalty or not, Horner responded, “A penalty for what?

“There’s no advantage gained, no contact been made. I think it’s just hard racing between the two of them and I think the stewards actually made the right decision on that.

“We’ve talked about this many times, the ‘let them race’ mentality, and I think they made the right call today,” he concluded.

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