Horner and Wolff agree on idea of expanding F1 grid – “We are probably one or two teams short”

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff have agreed on the idea of expanding the F1 grid.

The rivalry between Horner and Wolff is a familiar story for F1 fans. They rarely see eye-to-eye, and always carry contrasting opinions. However, they seem to have found common ground on a certain issue, and that is regarding the number of teams and drivers on the grid

F1 currently has 20 drivers and 10 teams. However, in the past, the sport has seen 22-24 cars. Many fans certainly feel the number of drivers or teams can go up. It would be nice to see extra cars on track.

It would bring more competition and drama to the sport. That is, of course, if they are quick, competitive and reliable enough.

Horner and Wolff have agreed on the idea of expanding the F1 grid. The two Team Principals believe that it would be a positive move, and it should be considered in the near future.

“I think we are probably one or two teams short,” Horner said, as reported by GiveMeSport.

Wolff spoke to Horner over comments Mercedes favour Hamilton in F1 title  fight
Wolff (left) and Horner (centre) agree on having more racers on the grid. Source: autosport.com

“There are many young talents in Formula 2 who deserve a chance, but there are simply not enough seats. You have to wait for a driver like Kimi to step down before a seat becomes available.

“I really think Formula 1 could accommodate one or two more teams,” he added.

Not a lone Wolff

Wolff agreed with his rival, but suggested a different approach to increasing the number of cars on the grid. He proposed the idea of a three-car team, and gave some interesting ideas regarding it.

”We can use a third car that can only be driven by a rookie,” Wolff said.

“Then in one fell swoop, you have a starting grid with thirty cars.”

Same premise, different approaches. Both sound like interesting and workable ideas, and F1 can and in all likelihood should give it a serious look.

Moreover, if the bitter pair of Wolff and Horner have agreed on something, you know that is a cracker of an idea waiting to be explored.

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