Jean Todt delivers rare heartwarming update on Michael Schumacher – “I don’t miss him because we still watch F1 races together”

Michael Schumacher’s health has been a matter of scarce public knowledge, with his wife Corinna always ensuring that his wish of keeping his private life personal is taken care of.

However, there are times when some information is divulged into the public domain.

Former F1 boss Jean Todt has opened up about Schumacher’s health, who he has confessed he meets up to “three times a week”.

In what will widely be seen as positive news by the F1 fraternity, it appears like Schumacher is making some sort of recovery, although it is still unknown whether there are any chances of getting back to his fittest.

This isn’t the first time Todt has spoken about Schumacher, despite being one of the only few people to be allowed to meet the legendary German driver.

Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt. Credit:
Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt. Credit:

In an interview with Bild, Todt gave the latest update on Schumacher’s health, claiming that he is presently “in the best of hands”.

“I’m happy that the fans, not only in Germany, think of him so much,” Todt said.

“People ask so much about Michael. The fans should know that he is in the best of hands.

“In the best situation he can be and surrounded by people who love him.”

Todt confessed that he regularly visits Schumacher and his family in their home in Geneva.

“As long as I am in this world, I will always visit him,” he said.

“Sometimes we see each other three times a week, sometimes not for a whole month.

“They are my friends and we are in constant contact. Whatever I can do for the Schumacher family, I‘ll do it.”

Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt still watch races together

Michael Schumacher. Credit:

Recently, Michael Schumacher was honoured with the State Prize of North Rhine-Westphalia, where his wife broke into tears.

Having come with daughter Gina-Maria and Todt, all three members collected the award on the stage.

Todt said that “he hopes the whole world sees his dear friend Schumacher again” while adding that Schumacher “has not changed”.

“I don‘t leave him alone. Him, Corinna, the family, we‘ve had so many experiences together,” Todt said.

“The beauty of what we have experienced is part of us and it goes on.

“Sometimes success and money changes you.

“But, Michael has never changed. He‘s so strong.”

In what must surely be more heartwarming news for Schumacher fans, Todt confessed that Michael still watches F1 races with him.

In a separate interview with German TV channel RTL, Todt said, “I don‘t miss Michael, I see him. Yes, it’s true, I watch races with Michael.

“But sure, I guess what I miss is what we used to do together.”

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