Fan backlash forces Jeddah administrators to tweak circuit

Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah circuit has been tweaked after severe backlash from fans in the aftermath of the Saudi Arabian GP.

The inaugural Saudi Arabian GP was one of the craziest races in F1 history. It was a complete thriller from start to finish, but that was after taking out the countless accidents that took place on that weekend.

Multiple crashes, spins, collisions and dangerous driving dictated the tone of the three days at Jeddah. The street circuit was earmarked as one of the most unsafe tracks the F1 calendar had ever seen.

As a result, the Jeddah circuit was tweaked after severe backlash from fans in an attempt to make future races safer.

“We have been striving to improve on some areas for our second event,” Saudi Arabian GP boss Martin Whitaker explained, as quoted by

“Firstly, there are going to be one or two slight changes to the track. These tweaks are directly related to a drivers’ sight-line from the cockpit. It’s minimal work, but it will help improve forward visibility in a couple of corners.

A fragment of the chaos that weekend at Jeddah. Source:

Secondly, we will make some small modifications to the barriers that will favour the lines the drivers take around the course.”


“There are a couple of areas that we are working on to enhance the experience for the fans who return to the track in March,” the Englishman continued.

“We are planning on shifting some of the angles of the grandstands to improve visibility and, at the same time, we plan to increase the size and develop the Fan Zones, which proved to be extremely popular.

“Because of our location, we can’t change too much because the track is positioned on a narrow strip of land next to the sea, but we are certainly looking at the circuit’s entrance and exit.

“There are lessons we have learnt, and we have the time now to get these aspects resolved to make sure everyone who returns will have an equally good, if not better, experience,” he concluded.

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