Ex-girlfriend reveals sex ban imposed by F1 world champion ahead of championship-deciding race

Former F1 driver Jenson Button put his model girlfriend Jessica Michibata on a sex ban before his championship-deciding race at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2009.

The British driver, who ended up becoming the world championship at the end of the race, imposed this ban on both of them as he was keen not to let it distract him from the job at hand.

Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata. Credit: racingnews.co
Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata. Credit: racingnews.co

Now, a source close to his then girlfriend Jessica Michibata has opened up on the circumstances that led to this abstinence, especially with Button already 11 points ahead of his nearest competitor Sebastian Vettel 11 points behind him before the final race.

“It was such an important weekend for Jenson,” the source said.

“He had hundreds of things to do and wanted to be able to concentrate on them alone. Jessica normally always travelled with him but he had to keep his mind on the job – so to speak.”

At the time, Button had attributed a big part of his success to the incredible foot massages that were offered to him by his girlfriend throughout the season.

Are Button and Michibata still together?

Jenson Button and Brittny Ward. Credit: f1i.com
Jenson Button and Brittny Ward. Credit: f1i.com

More recently though, he spoke about the importance of his car.

Reflecting on the win in 2021, Button said, “I think that after my sixth win I thought this is going to be a piece of cake, and that was after seven races.

“I was like ‘guys you’ve built me a monster. And from then on it was really tough, I was like ‘Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that!’.”

In 2014, Button and Michibata finally tied the knot after spending a number of years together.

However, their marriage came to an end after just one year.

He subsequently got married to Playboy model Brittny Ward.

After four years of being engaged, the couple finally got married in March this year.

They currently have two children and we presume that the foot massages are now just a happy memory.

F1 returns at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix for the penultimate race of the season in a weekend that will also feature a sprint race.

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