Jos Verstappen explains why he has advised Max never to sign for Mercedes – “The real Toto showed himself”

Jos Verstappen gave the reason why son Max Verstappen won’t move to Mercedes, saying that it was because of Toto Wolff’s attitude.

Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull expires in 2023. As a result, his father has been in talks with teams in the event a move is on the cards. One of the teams he spoke with was Red Bull’s rival Mercedes.

However, the former racer was left furious with Mercedes and team principal Wolff’s treatment of his son at the British GP. There, the Dutchman collided with a Mercedes car and suffered a high-speed crash.

He was taken to the hospital, and according to the former racer, Mercedes and Wolff did not check up on him.

Jos gave the reason why Verstappen won’t ever move to Mercedes, pointing the finger at Wolff and his uncaring attitude.

“Here at Red Bull Racing we are in a good place,” he told De Limburger newspaper.

“There have been conversations with Toto Wolff and I also thought we had a good relationship with him, but the real Toto has shown himself lately. There is no relationship anymore.”

Max Verstappen being interviewed. Interlagos November 2021.
Verstappen (pictured) might have moved to Mercedes. Source:

What a loser!

When asked if Wolff could not take losing, Jos replied, “You could say that, yes.

“Mercedes was, of course, leading for years. Now they are cornered for the first time and you see another Toto. It’s a shame, but that’s how you get to know people.

“It also has to do with Helmut Marko. All three of us – Max, (his manager) Raymond and I – click perfectly with him. No bulls**t, straightforward. We are similar in character.

“We still have two years at Red Bull anyway. It becomes important how the new rules are interpreted and what that means for performance.

But it feels good here and we have plenty of time,” he concluded.

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