Jos discusses relationship with Hamilton – “I respect Lewis as a driver, but the rest…nothing”

Jos Verstappen talked about his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, saying that the only respect he has for him is for his driving.

Jos’ son Max Verstappen has been battling Hamilton this season for the world championship. There is nothing to separate the two drivers as we head to Abu Dhabi for the final race of the season. A proper championship battle it has been, and one that will conclude in the UAE.

Verstappen and Hamilton have collided a few times on track, but they actually have a cordial relationship. The same cannot be said for the one between his father and the seven-time world champion.

Jos talked about his relationship with Hamilton, and said that he doesn’t really rate him as a person.

“I never speak to Lewis. He doesn’t need to speak to me. I’m nothing to him, he told the Daily Mail.

“I respect him as a driver, but the rest…nothing.

Jos Verstappen attends the Dutch Grand Prix. September 2021.
Jos Verstappen (pictured) has a formal relationship with Hamilton. Source:

“Max and Lewis only speak on the podium, very little. When I see Max with other drivers, I think they get on very well. But with Lewis, nothing. Lewis is in his own world.

“I did F1 — compared to Max I was nowhere — but I talk to some of the drivers and they are all very friendly, or just say hello or whatever. We are on the plane together many times, always the same group of drivers and we have a lot of fun. But there are some drivers who don’t look at you, who look at the ground.”

The other seven-timer

Jos also spoke about his interaction with the other seven-time champion in Michael Schumacher, and highlighted the difference between the two drivers.

“Michael and I had good contact,” he added.

“We met personally too. He changed a little bit at the circuit, but he would still be friendly.

“Lewis does it his own way, which you can’t say is wrong because he wins a lot. Yes, he has had team-mates, but he has been in the right environment. He made the right decision to go to Mercedes and has had the fastest car for a long time.

“He is good, for sure. I respect him as a driver. The rest…” he concluded with a shrug.

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