Kalff and van de Grint disapprove of Hamilton’s attitude – “He was whining after the race”

Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint have disapproved of Lewis Hamilton’ attitude at the Turkish GP, saying he was whining instead of being reasonable.

The Turkish GP saw Valtteri Bottas cruise to a dominant victory. He finished almost fifteen seconds ahead of Max Verstappen. However, Verstappen’s title rival Hamilton could only manage a P5, and he wasn’t best pleased about it.

Hamilton raged on the radio at his team during the race. Kalff and van de Grint disapproved of his attitude, and said that he was being unreasonable and a whiner.

On the latest episode of RTL GP Slipstream, van de Grint said, “Faultless race from Bottas and he was also fast in qualifying, so a perfect weekend.

As far as I'm concerned Hamilton was whining after the race
Hamilton (left) cut a frustrated figure after the Turkish GP. Source: gpblog.com

“You can ask yourself when I look at (George) Russell’s performance if they have the right man in that seat next year.”

Kalff added, “If you have Bottas when he is like he was yesterday, then you are crazy if you get rid of him, I think. Then Russell is absolutely no better. 

Van de Grint then brought up Hamilton, saying, “Of course that applies to this race and it’s without reason that he hasn’t won for a year. Suppose Hamilton had come further to the front, what would have been decided? Then he might have been walking around with a long face.


Kalff then made a statement regarding Hamilton, saying, “As far as I’m concerned he was whining after the race.

Van de Grint added, “It was more complaining about his team. Why did you come in? Because the team said it and we all do it. Of course they did, but the fact is they didn’t do a good job.”

Kalff then concluded, saying, “They call him in, then he decides not to come in.

“Actually at that point you just have to decide, finish the race on this set of tyres, because the time to come in is over. Eventually the team says, you have to come in because we don’t trust it.”

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