Harry Kane expresses emotions following final F1 race – “There’s some bizarre rules there”

Harry Kane gave his opinion on the final F1 race of the season, and weighed in on the farcical decision on the last lap.

The F1 community celebrated the crowning of Max Verstappen, but expressed their disgust towards the FIA and their sympathies for Lewis Hamilton. He was absolutely hard done by the authorities, and should have walked out of Abu Dhabi an eight-time world champion.

The safety car on the penultimate lap was all going according to the rules, until Race Director Michael Masi made the shambolic call to suddenly let the lapped cars by. That left Verstappen on better tyres right behind Hamilton, a situation that should have never happened.

The Dutchman took full advantage of the opportunity, and passed his British counterpart right at the death to take his first world championship. However, everyone was in agreement that there was a huge asterisk next to his win, something the England captain agreed with.

Kane gave his opinion on the final F1 race of the season, and lamented the rules for ruining the end to the season.

“I’m new to F1 and it’s been amazing to watch Lewis and Max battle it out,” he tweeted.  

“I’m no expert on it, but I feel like there’s some bizarre rules that give an unfair advantage like today? Why should Hamilton be penalised for somebody else’s crash?

“He literally raced the perfect race under the highest pressure and gets the World Championship taken away from him. Seems like common sense to keep the lead that you’d raced so hard to gain. Shame it had to end like that.”

You will be lawyered

Mercedes were absolutely furious with the decision, and while Hamilton sat down trying to picture what happened to him, they protested the decision. The protest was rejected by the FIA, but this seems far from over.

As of now, Verstappen remains the F1 World Champion. Super Max has achieved his dream, but the real test will be defending it next season.

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