Kelly Piquet leads title celebrations after Max Verstappen delivers on early promise

Kelly Piquet was left emotional after Max Verstappen’s victory in a staggering and dramatic conclusion to the season.

Verstappen took victory in a bewildering and controversial finale at Abu Dhabi. It was his first world championship, and he was a deserving champion given the season he has had. His girlfriend is one of his biggest supporters, and was gushing after the events that unfolded.

Kelly Piquet was left emotional after Verstappen’s victory at Abu Dhabi, with her actions after the race and during its fallout speaking volumes of her love for Super Max.

The 33-year-old took to her Instagram account and posted some photos and videos of her and everyone celebrating her boyfriend’s monumental victory. Cameras also caught her crying and smiling as the Red Bull driver celebrated.

Ooh la la

The first person Verstappen celebrated with was Piquet, who he ran right towards. The two lovebirds hugged and kissed, and the picture broke the official F1 Instagram account.

Max Verstappen girlfriend Kelly Piquet
Piquet and Verstappen share a kiss after the latter’s victory. Source: Getty Images

Piquet posted on Instagram, calling Verstappen a “WORLD F–KING CHAMPION”. She also posted a second time, captioning it “NUMBER 1”. The Brazilian model also reposted various videos she was tagged in while she was at Abu Dhabi, including a cute one labelling her the “most supportive partner” to the 24-year-old.

One of the cutest couples on the F1 grid, Piquet began dating her beau at the end of 2020. They went public with their relationship in January, with Piquet posting some beach photos with Verstappen confirming their romance.

Since then, the couple has gone from strength to strength. Verstappen met Piquet’s father Nelson in 2021, with the model happy as ever to see the two most important men in her life come face to face.

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