Kelly Piquet ‘like’ and public admiration for Lewis Hamilton on social media gets sharp Max Verstappen fan army backlash

An old post related to Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has suddenly attracted a lot of interest on social media. This is primarily due to the nature of the post and the fact that it was written by none other than Kelly Piquet, girlfriend of Max Verstappen.

The social media storm has been caused by the fact that Kelly not only ‘liked’ and commented on a post on Lewis, she even seemed to be cheering the British driver on.

Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet and Penelope Piquet. Credit:
Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet and Penelope Piquet. Credit:

This was, of course, before she started seeing Max.

Hamilton and Verstappen were involved in an intense battle during the 2021 world championship, with many believing that Hamilton suffered at the hands of poor officiating from former FIA race director Michael Masi.

Since then, there has been a significant rift between fans of both units, which naturally meant that this post from Kelly Piquet was going to elicit some banter.

A screenshot of Kelly’s post was posted on X (previously called Twitter), where you could see that she had liked one of Hamilton’s posts from 2018 and wrote a comment expressing her admiration towards him.

Here are some of the responses of some of the drivers’ supporters.

While this is a post from the past, as things stand, Kelly and Max enjoy a very healthy relationship.

They have been together for three years now and it has coincided with a sharp upturn in the Dutchman’s professional career as well, as he has made it three back-to-back world championships following his record-breaking season this year.

Piquet recently spoke about her relationship with Max during an interview with Vogue Magazine Netherlands.

“He remains so modest, he stands firmly with both feet on the ground,” she said.

“He’s shown everyone that he really deserves it: he’s the driver who makes the fewest mistakes on the racetrack right now, he’s very consistent.

“He is confident and not interested in fame or material things.”

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